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  • We invest your money in entrepreneurial and economically sustainable projects
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Highly competitive interest rates.


You can place your deposit in any one of our iBAN products. From your current product you can move to any other, passing through the iBAN Account. Even when sitting in the iBAN Account, your funds will be generating 2.5% AER.

Smart investing


We choose wisely the projects in which your money will be invested into, prioritizing security, entrepreneurship and social values.

No commissions and total availability


At iBAN we will never diminish the profitability of your savings - that means we will not charge any commission on withdrawals or deposits. You can access all or part of your money at any time, without losing a penny from the profit accumulated to date.

Our Guarantee Fund


iBAN has a self-reinforcing Guarantee Fund scheme which protects the deposits of each customer up to £50,000. That means even if a borrower doesn’t pay back his dues, the Fund will pay in his place and your interest will continue rolling in without change.

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